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WAGO 221 Inline Connectors | NOW IN STOCK!!
New Wago 221-2411 now in stock!

Topjob-S 2000 Push in Jumper Bar (4-way 1.0mm 10A)

SKU 2000-404

Part No. 2000-404
Number of ways 4 
Sold individually

The comb-style jumper system is based on the common plug and socket principle. Each terminal block is spring loaded with a double socket and a resilient CrNi steel spring. The jumper contact is pure electrolytic copper, which allows for an extremely small design capable of carrying the fullrated current of the terminal block. Ground (earth) terminal blocks can also be commoned using the same jumper system.
Compliant with BS7671 17th Edition Wago connectors meet the most stringent UK and international standards including the electrical requirements of BS7671 17th Edition. Installers can be totally confident that using Wago connectors enables them to follow 'best practice' procedures and fully comply with the most up to date safety criteria.

Current rating 10A
Voltage rating 0 - 800V / 8kV
Approvals AEx, RU, PTB,CCA , GL, IECEx, KEMA EUR,