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DRE-1v2 DIN Rail Enclosure

SKU DRE-001-2

Part No. DRE-1v2 
Sold individually
Dimensions: 125mm x 125mm x 100mm

The DRE-1 is a PC IP66 enclosure that has been modified to include a 110mm long 35mm top hat DIN rail. The DIN rail is mounted on transipillars and allows easy routing of the cables. The DRE-1v2 cover is 50mm deep so with the cover removed the DIN rail mounted terminals are fully exposed making access for termination and maintenance simple and stress free. The 35mm top-hat DIN rail is suitable for use with the Wago Topjob rail mounted connectors as well other rail mounted accessories such as mcb's, timers and relays. The DRE-1 can be used to provide a wiring center for heating controls or as a junction box for connecting larger power cables.