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WAGO 221 Inline Connectors | NOW IN STOCK!!
New Wago 221-2411 now in stock!

20 ml Alu-Plus contact paste

SKU 249-130

20ml syringe of “Alu-Plus” contact paste. 

This paste must be used with the 773, 222 and 224 range of terminals when using waterproof gel-fills. Part No. 249-130

WAGO “Alu-Plus” · Automatically destroys the oxide film during clamping · Prevents fresh oxidation at the clamping point · Prevents electrolytic corrosion between aluminum and copper conductors (in the same connector) · Offers permanent protection against corrosion For termination of aluminum conductors. WAGO spring-clamp terminal blocks are suitable for solid aluminum conductors 1 up to 4 mm²/AWG 12 if WAGO contact paste “Alu-Plus” is used for the termination. Please take into account that the nominal currents must be adapted to the reduced conductivity of the aluminum conductors: 2.5 mm²/AWG 14 = 16 A 4 mm²/AWG 12 = 22 A Cleaning or greasing the aluminum conductor is no longer necessary. Use the WAGO contact paste “Alu-Plus” instead, which is directly injected into the conductor entry hole of the WAGO connectors by means of the handy syringe. This allows the easy termination of solid aluminum conductors (in case of multipole connectors, also mixed with copper conductors).