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The new Wago 2773 Connectors now in stock!
The new Wago 2773 Connectors now in stock!

Wagobox Contractor Kit

Original price £243.24
Current price £229.00
SKU WBK-007-1

Are you a busy professional contractor? Have you been converted to the simple, fast, and safe Wago and Wagobox system to connect cables? Then here is the ideal kit for you! It combines the superb Wago range of connectors and the innovative Wagobox and Wagobox- Light junction boxes with a tough carry case, plus we include Wagobox mounting buttons, cable ties and Din Rail connector carriers. The kit contains a robust carry case with 14 repositional bins and 740 Wago terminals. The teminals include the full range of versatile Wago 222 (32A) Cage Clamp connectors and Wago 773 (24A) & (41A) Pushfit connectors for commoning solid core and stiff stranded cables types. There are also 2 types of the 224 (24A) Lighting connectors which can connect solid core cables to flex/stranded or another solid core cable. To complete the kit we include 4 packs of Wagobox junction boxes in grey, ideal for use with the Wago 222 and 773 terminals and 4 packs of Wagobox-Light junction boxes for use with the Wago 224 series terminals. (If you would prefer the junction boxes in white, black or red please give us a call or send an email when placing the order detailing your colour preference). We also include the useful Wagobox mounting buttons to allow you to mount your completed junction box easily onto a surface and tie wraps to lock closed the boxes when necessary. There are also a couple of connector carriers to use with the 773 or 222 connectors when you need to fix them to a DIN rail.

Part No. WBK-007-1

Kit Contains Robust Professional Carry Case with Shoulder Strap Case dimensions 492 x 110 x 431mm

773 Pushwire Connectors: 100 x 773-102 2-Port Terminal Block (24A) 100 x 773-104 4-Port Terminal Block (24A) 50 x 773-106 6-Port Terminal Block (24A) 50 x 773-108 8-Port Terminal Block (24A) 50 x 773-173 3-Port Terminal Block (41A)

222 Cage Clamp Connectors: 100 x 222-412 2-Port Terminal Block (32A) 50 x 222-413 3-Port Terminal Block (32A) 40 x 222-415 5-Port Terminal Block (32A)

224 Lighting Connectors: 100 x 224-101 Pushwire to Cage Clamp (24A) 100 x 224-112 2 x Pushwire to Cage Clamp (24A)

4 Packs Wagobox Junction Boxes (Total of 24 Junction Boxes)
4 Packs Wagobox-Light Junction Boxes (Total of 24 Junction Boxes)
48 Wagobox Mounting Buttons 
100 Black Tie-wraps 
1 x 773-332
1 x 222-500 DIN Rail Mounted Connector Carriers