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The new Wago 2773 Connectors now in stock!
The new Wago 2773 Connectors now in stock!

Wagobox Basic Kit

SKU WBK-003-1
A small but comprehensive kit for lighter users of the Wago connectors and the innovative Wagobox junction boxes The kit contains a neat case with 9 fixed compartments containing 75 of the most popular Wago connectors. The connectors included are a full range of the versatile Wago 222 (32A) Cage Clamp connectors and a selection of the most widely used Wago 773 (24A) Pushfit connectors for commoning solid core and stiff stranded cables types. There are also 2 types of the 224 (24A) Lighting connectors which can connect solid core cables to flex, stranded or another solid core cable. To complete the kit we include 1 pack of Wagobox junction boxes in grey, ideal for use with the Wago 222 and 773 terminals and 1 pack of Wagobox-Light junction boxes perfect for use with the 224 terminals in the kit. (If you would prefer the Wagobox junction boxes in white, black or red please give us a call or send an email when placing the order detailing your colour preference).

Kit contains: Handy case with 9 fixed compartments Dimensions: 365mm x 280mm x 95mm
Case Contains Pushwire Connectors:
10 x 773-102 2-Port Terminal Block (24A).
10 x 773-104 4-Port Terminal Block (24A)
5 x 773-106 6-Port Terminal Block (24A)
5 x 773-108 8-Port Terminal Block (24A)

Cage Clamp Connectors:
10 x 222-412 2-Port Terminal Block (32A)
10 x 222-413 3-Port Terminal Block (32A)
5 x 222-415 5-Port Terminal Block (32A)

Lighting Connectors:
10 x 224-101 Pushwire to Cage Clamp (24A)
10 x 224-112 2 x Pushwire to Cage Clamp (24A)

1 Pack of 6 Wagobox 1 Pack of 6 Wagobox-Light