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The new Wago 2773 Connectors now in stock!
The new Wago 2773 Connectors now in stock!

DRE-5 v2 DIN Rail Enclosure

SKU DRE-005-2

Dimensions: 230mm x 300mm x 111mm

Rail Length 295mm 

Mounting Spacer Hight 20mm

The DRE-5v2 is a ABS box that has been modified to include a number of knock-out panels. These knock-outs are positioned on the base and the sides and can be removed as required to provide cable entry points. Inside the box there is a single 35mm top-hat DIN rail suitable for use with the Wago Topjob rail mounted connectors as well other rail mounted accessories such as mcb's, timers and relays. A popular application of the DRE-5v2 is to provide a wiring centre for moving a consumer unit. The DRE-5v2 and Wago Topjob terminals provide a quick and neat system for connecting and extending the existing circuits.