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The new Wago 2773 Connectors now in stock!
The new Wago 2773 Connectors now in stock!

DRE-1WC-1 - Heating Control Wiring Centre

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Current price £21.30

The DRE-1WC-1 is a ABS IP66 enclosure that has been modified to include a 110mm long 35mm top hat DIN rail. The DIN rail is mounted on transipillars and allows easy routing of the cables. The DRE-1WC-1 cover is 50mm deep so with the cover removed the DIN rail mounted terminals are fully exposed making access for termination and maintenance simple and stress free. The 35mm top-hat DIN rail is suitable for use with the Wago Topjob rail mounted connectors as well other rail mounted accessories such as mcb's, timers and relays. The DRE-1WC-1 is preconfigered with 13 Wago 2001 topjob-s 4-port terminals. The Live Neutral and earth terminals are configured as 8-port terminals (2x4-Ports linked). The 7 control signal terminals are 4-ports each. The DRE-1WC-1 provides an excellent 10 way wiring centre for a wide range of heating control schemes including S-Plan and Y-Plan.

Dimensions: 130mm x 130mm x 100mm